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Marvel Skylight Operator (TRUTH HARDWARE 42.900.38)

Marvel Power Window System Truth Hardware's new Marvel power operator system for windows and skylights proves that simpler can be better. Challenged by window and skylight manufacturers with providing a small and sleek motorized system that is simple to install, easy to operate and above all affordable - Truth is confident that the Marvel System is the answer. No transformer required. Operates from 110 volt household current. Electronic limit switch controls the opening position while the closing position is controlled through an internal current sensing feature. Three styles of mounting brackets accompany this product to allow for easy mounting. Can be face-mounted or mounted to applications with sills. Durable double link chain produces 9.5" of chain travel. Users can operate multiple units from one control switch. Rated to lift skylight sashes that weigh up to 90 lbs.

Remote Transmitter for Sentry II WLS & HS

Used with the Sentry II WLS and Sentry II HS systems only. Infinite Number of windows & skylights can be controlled with a single remote. 9 Zones or "unit codes" are available to allow units to be controlled in groups and organized to a users needs. Motorized Blinds (supplied by others) can be controlled with the same remote. Control windows and skylights from one remote - The Sentry II HS uses the same remote as the Sentry II WLS for coordinated ventilation throughout the entire home or building. Built in Thermostat allows windows and skylights to open and close together, to coordinate a comfortable interior temperature. Takes advantage of true "chimney effect" cooling to reduce energy demands. Rolling Code Technology proven in garage door openers is built into every remote to provide high security and peace of mind.

Sentry II HS Operator heavy weight (truth hardware 43.50.006)

Introducing Truth's next generation of power window system: Sentry II HS for heavy skylights. Based on the powerful and reliable mechanics from our previous SkySentry motorization systems, we've added a new digital electronics package with built in power conversion to take this system to a shole new level of service and reliability. The new electronics package provides many new features to enhance a home's comfort and its owner's peace of mind. Kit includes: -Motor -Cover -Mounting Hardware -Instruction Booklet You must purchase the Wall Switch or Remote separately. Truth's Sentry II HS for heavy skylights is load rated at 80 lbs. at the chain. This equates to a total skylight hatch weight of 160 lbs. Sentry II HS power skylight system is rated at 50 watts. Quick and easy installation of the skylight is possible when motor system is pre-installed and programmed by skylight manufacturer at their facility. The electrician needs only to connect 110 VAC power and the skylight is completely ready for operation - no further set-up would be required by the installer or homeowner. Power conversion built right into the skylight mounted control package which accepts direct connection of 110 VAC power. No more transformers to complicate and add expense to the installation. RF remote capability built into all motor control packages as a standard feature. Simply order the optional remote to add new and exciting control capability for the homeowner. Rain Sensor, standard on all kits, automatically closes the skylight at the first sign of moisture. Corrosion resistant sensor decreases mechanism's cleaning requirements and extends service life. Click here for Truth Hardware's technical support for this product.